Two Boys and Boats, 2004, 12x 16, oil on paper
Around, c 2002-03, 23x 29
Rike Riders and House, 20x24
Bike Bider, 1994, 18x24, oil stick-pencil on paper
Jerusalem Room, 2003, 18x22
Jerusalem Looking, 2003, 16x22
Two Bike Riders, mid 1990s, 18x24, oil & pencil on paper
Flying Girl, late 80's-early 90's, 41x47.5
Women & Child in Arabi, 24x30
Seated Man, late 1980's, 46.5x51.5
Jerusalem Winter, 2004, 15x17
Middle East Red Sky, c. 1990 or late 80s, 24x30
Outside Midldle East village, man & animals, early 1990s, 30x40
Village Man, late 80s, 37x66
Man, Animal, Old City, late 80s, 33x38
Irishman Looking @ Woman in Red Dress, early 1990s, 30x40
Man with a Purple Hat , mid 1990s
Swiss Man in April, 1991, tempera-oil pastel-pencil on paper,  30x34
Swiss Town @ Night, c 1990, 24x30
Roma from Sverige, Jorlanda, 1986, tempera on paper
Dream Piano, c 2004, 15x17
Four Musicians, 2002, 34 x 40
Cello Player, 2003, 20x22
Night Dancers, 2004, 25x30
Bass & Harp, 2003, 25x30
Flute Player, oil on paper, 12x16
Flute Player & Woman, 24x30
Piano 1, 2004, gouache-tempera-pencil on paper
Piano 2, 2004, gouache-tempera-pencil on paper, 19x24
Piano 3, 2004, gouache-tempera-pencil on paper, 19x24
Piano 4, 2004, gouache-tempera-pencil on paper, 19x24
AYC 03, oil on wood
AYC Archive, 2003, 50x50
Six Squam Boats, 2003, 50x 60
Red Boats at Float, 2003, 40x48
Regatta, 2003
Sailor and Essex House, 2003, 34x40
Squam Sail, 2003
Squam Sail 1, 2003
Squam Sail Early, 2002, 40x48
Ryder Cows, late 80s-early 90's, 26x28
Lovers with Sheep, late 80s 20x23
Rheinfelden 2, 1990, temerpa on paper
Woman and Steer, 2004, 23x29
Flann O'Brien  Reading to Steer, 2005, 23x29
Woman & Dream Fish, 2004, 15x17
Woman & Blue Cow, early 90s (Lesley University-stolen)
Man, Dog & House with Red Clouds, late 80s- early 90s, 22x26,
Figures in Doorway, late 80s-early 90s, 24x29
Flying Couple & Dog, late 80s- early 90s, 30x40
Embrace 3, 14x18, 1994
embrace 2, c 2000, 15x18
Embrace 1, c 2000, 10x10
Magnolia House, late 80s-early 90s, 30x40
Squam House, c 2001, 22x30, oil on paper
Munch House, 2004, 23x29
Hartley House, 2004, 23x29
Squam Yards, 2004, tempera & pencil on paper, 19x24
Squam Village, tempera & pencil on paper, 19x24
Village Hall, 2004, tempera on paper, 22x30
William Alfred @ Squam House, 02
Woman, empty bed, terrace, 1999, pencil-oil on paper, 19x24
Magnolia interior, mid 1980s, 23x30
Cathy-Magnolia, mid 80s, 30x40
Harry Tyndall WWI, early-mid 80s, 30x40
Late Night AATA Board Meeting, acrylic on canvas
Leah in Chair, acrylic on canvas
Anthony, mid 70s, 14x15.5, pencil-crayon-tempera on paper
Danvers Man 1, mid 70s, 12x24, pencil-crayon-tempera on paper
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